Daily Life Activities For An Autistic Child

Daily Life Activities For An Autistic Child

People generally think that a child with autism cannot live a normal life, but actually it is not the real fact. Activities act as a bridge between the child with autism and the people in his surroundings. These activities increase the confidence of the child and strengthen the bonding between the child and his surroundings. Each child is unique and has his own interests so it’s a good idea to introduce various activities and keep the child focused on the games and activities. It will strongly affect your child in getting benefits.

Various trainers use this technique to teach an autistic child. The main purpose of such activities is to engage them in these activity sessions. It is just like a playtime for a child. These sessions are different for the children of different age groups.

Activity Sessions for Children up to Three Years

Mostly children are diagnosed with autism at early age. This activity therapy should be started for all the children at early age, even before getting official diagnosis of autism. The activities for the children diagnosed with autism are:


    • Painting with fingers– It seems quite messy, but it helps children to know about the colors. It helps them to know about various things like if they were painting while seeing a portrait, one day they must know the name of the colors using and the name of the painted thing. In turn, it is increasing knowledge of your child. It increases the power of sensing.


    • Use of boxes and beans– Take a box and fill that with the toys and beans. Put your child’s hand in the box and let him look for the desired toy. It will increase the power of sensing things in surrounding.


    • Bubble therapy- Bubbles will make a child’s mind to develop his motor learning skills. It helps in generating a reaction towards the things happening in his surroundings like pointing a bubble, throwing astonishing and happier emotions, etc.


  • Rhymes and songs- Singing is something that attracts a child and improves their speaking skills. Try to make a song from poems and teach them in a singing way. Children will take more interest in this and start learning new words and rhymes gradually.


Activities for pre-nursery children:


    • Drawing tip: Draw some images on a paper and make sure images must be decorated with beautiful colors so that child may take interest in this activity. After that, make your child to find out that thing in his room and try to teach them the name of the thing as well. Those children, who have severe autism issues, start from the very basic things they like to have.


    • Guess the object name- Make your child to close his eyes then put an object in his hand and let him guess the name of the object. If child is non-verbal, let your child to point out the thing on paper on which you have drawn those things. It helps them identify objects and improves vision to learn the things in their surroundings.


    • Organize Parties: Celebrate birthday; throw a party and invite all your kid’s friends. It’s a great way to learn rhymes, poems, songs, etc and to stay connected with social world. It increases the interest in social activities.


  • Organize a theme based puppet show; it will help in learning different kind of emotions and expressing them with proper facial expressions.


How to choose the activity?

An autistic child need to engage with daily life activities so that he can take interest and accept the challenging task of learning through the activities, but now question arises that which activity is good for an autistic child because each child has unique identity and different interests.

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