The success story of a Pakistani entrepreneur: Farhan umar

The success story of a Pakistani entrepreneur: Farhan umar

Successful businesses always need excellent strategies, an insight towards customer behaviour, sales and marketing. However, these are not always best without qualities like perseverance, determination, hard work, passion, and resilience. Farhan umar has made a deep impact on thousands of lives through content curation, social media marketing, and associated facilitations. Farhan umar went through a lot of ups and downs, to make the venture successful and functional in a widespread capacity.

Farhan, the name of inspiration and motivation is a college dropout, with no degree but dreams in his mind. Born in the city of “Lahore, Pakistan”, he is a social media activist who has completed million-dollar ventures over the course of only a few years. His mantra to meet dreams had been all about building a social media empire to reform needs and utilities

In a very hearty and candid conversation, this young entrepreneur has unveiled life as a businessman and its expediencies. Here’s what he revealed to us.

Q: What are your top goals and vision?

My top goal is to achieve a BILLION-DOLLAR facilitating my clients with their needs to make their business run. The main goal, however, is to sustain our market value, look into the possibilities of nurturing businesses with specified ways to uplift the needs of companies and brands to keep an eye on changing tactics to maintain my work standards.

Q: Challenges are part of a business. What challenges have you faced being a young entrepreneur?

Without challenges nothing is possible. They are the stepping stones on the road towards success. I learned through hard experiences and come to the realisation that everything comes with a price. When I made up my mind and quit studies, I had no idea what to do as there was no guru or a mentor to look up to and get some help. Therefore, some inappropriate and inadequate decisions were made without much thinking. I also invested in wrong businesses that were never meant for me. Eventually, after losing tons of money and time in setting up a venture about which I had no idea, I lost good fortune. Nevertheless, I stayed determined and never let negativity play its role in my mind. I started curation of content single-handedly, later with the help of freelancers, and then with proper hiring of professionals.

In short, when I made mistakes and lost everything, nothing came handy than my own traits and powers. Yes, I faced the hard times with a broad smile on the face and kept working hard. Time taught me how I have to face tough times and what factors I have to keep in mind for my next business.

Q: You always mention three words that had helped you in building the empire. What are those and how have they impacted business?

Yes, I believe in three words and their attributes in making me one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Pakistan – determination, hard work, and passion. When I lost everything and people started acting differently, offers to work with me started turning away, and not even my family showed moral support; I alone with determination and passion stood tall and made an impact in the world of digital marketing.

With all these questions and answers sessions, we asked Farhan umar known as Janjua sab to leave us one message that could help young entrepreneurs like himself. To that, he said “With passion comes determination that leads to perseverance and eventually making a name in what you want from your life. Never underestimate the value of passion. Never think wrong about your aims. Try and try harder. Getting scared of failures will leave you nowhere. Make sure to not lose hope and always stay hopeful from whatever trade or business you do.”

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